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Published: 16th May 2012
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There are plenty of different types of dog totes designed for those who prefer to carry their small pets at their side, but dog sling carriers are not a very common option. A number of the most common carriers are the expensive bag-style and tote carriers that are widely found in shops and on the Internet. These types of pet carriers, along with other designs seen in stores, can make good carriers yet they have some disadvantages that commonly leave individuals searching for a more effective option. Below are some of the drawbacks I have observed with normal small pet carriers:

· Comfort and safety - the majority of the purse and tote pet carriers are intended for one-shoulder holding. This has several negatives, mostly needing to hold one hand on the carrier to ensure that is stays secure while walking or otherwise moving about. Also, even with really small pets, the weight on your shoulder can be very uncomfortable if the shoulder straps of your carrier aren't considerably wide or cushioned.

· Weight and bulk - many of the dog carriers available to buy are cumbersome, weighty, and generally awkward to carry about. When you add the extra weight of your pet, they often end up being difficult and extremely uncomfortable to carry for long intervals.

· Absence of options - it is not always the fact, needless to say, but for the most part totes and purse carriers are available in fairly typical, minimal color and material possibilities.

· Limited interaction - although this isn't a problem for everybody, with many purse carriers and totes, your pet is closed within the carrier and is unable to have contact with you except if you unzip the carrier. This isn't much different than toting your pet about in a plastic crate.

Why dog slings make fantastic pet carriers

For those who have used a baby sling to carry a baby, you quite possibly already realize some of the reasons why sling-style carriers can be a wonderful alternative to standard carriers for pets. The same benefits that slings offer for babies and their “wearers” apply to dogs and their owners. Here are many of the advantages that go along with dog sling carriers:

· Hardly any bulk - dog slings are normally quite light in weight - not a whole lot more substantial than a scarf or jacket you might use any day. They do not have a solid bottom, so they can comfortably be worn beneath a coat in cool weather or be folded up and stashed in a bag when not in use. Even slings constructed with thick materials are usually less bulky than most classic carriers.

· Trendy style possibilities - with the large range of fabrics and patterns available, you're likely to find a sling to suit your style and your wants. Because most slings are created with cotton cloth, the design options are really limitless.

· Comfort - in my opinion, this is certainly one of the more essential elements. As with baby slings, pet slings disperse the load you're carrying evenly across your body, making it significantly easier to carry your dog for extended amounts of time as compared to one-shoulder carriers. The sling can very easily be changed from one shoulder to the other if you might be using it for prolonged periods of time and need to alternate.

· Hands-free carrying - when your pet is riding securely in your dog sling, you are able to set about your duties without worrying about trying to keep one hand on the carrier. Your pet is going to be close to you and safe in the sling, providing you with assurance as well as convenience to complete more while holding your pet.

While there are a lot of excellent options offered for small pet carriers, slings are among the designs that many people are not mindful of because they are not commonly for sale in big stores. People who utilize them often agree that dog sling carriers have numerous strengths and love the efficiency and convenience that they have to offer.

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