Baby Scrapbook Ideas

Published: 02nd May 2012
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Are you searching for some baby scrapbook ideas and layout inspiration? Scrapping is a superb approach to preserving the cherished moments in life and it is also a lot of fun. But, if you're attempting to make a scrapbook for your baby, the organization can be somewhat overwhelming. Babies change rapidly and their first couple years are brimming with amazing milestones. It can be easy to think you will remember each and every one of them, but as time goes by it can get tougher to remember all the small details. Because of this, consider starting off your baby’s scrapbook during pregnancy and work to update it regularly. This article gives you a number of suggestions to help you make the process of creating your baby’s first scrapbook easier.

The very first thing you will need to take into account when planning your baby scrapbook is the kind of book itself. Preferably, aim to purchase a book you can add pages to down the road or change the order of the pages when they’re done in case you have to include pages later on that you forgot. If you aren’t concerned with preserving elements in chronological order, this step isn’t as crucial, but most people wish to have the scrapbook record milestones in order. There are few things more aggravating than putting all of your hard work into creating a page to realize you did not remember to put in a page that should have appeared ahead of it. If you have a scrapbook that are able to have pages added as needed, this is no problem - you could work on the pages in any order you'd like. The second thing you'll want to do is start making a list of the important information and pages you might want to have in your book and keep it at hand for reference over time. I choose to have a list right inside the front of my scrapbooks in order to add whatever I think of and cross off items that I have already done.

Organizing baby’s scrapbook

Having a plan in mind will take tons of aggravation out of the scrapbooking process, which can let you concentrate on the fun parts. Although many people are eager to just dive in and go with it, the majority of us need some kind of method to go by, along with a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. This is primarily the case if you're among those people that end up having a pile of photos and keepsakes you've accumulated for months (or years) and then decide to arrange all of it into a scrapbook. I was guilty of this with my firstborn, and trust me, it was not as simple as you might think to come back and attempt to put all those items in order.

Two considerations as you are in the planning stage of your scrapbook are determining which pages you wish to include in your book and also the format of each of those pages. There are unending possibilities for both, although we won’t get started in layout particulars at this point. That'll be something for another article. For right now, we will stay with planning a few of the important pages you will likely choose to feature in your book. It’s often easiest to begin with a list where you can jot down the milestones you think you may want to include in your baby’s scrapbook, starting with your pregnancy. Significant features with the pregnancy, like how you shared with family members that you were expecting, first ultrasound, and getting the nursery ready are some ideas to add. Next, you can list pages pertaining to baby’s birth and coming home, and list milestones you will want to record as baby grows.

As you continue to work through your baby scrapbook ideas and page lists, don't forget to always take lots of pictures of your baby so you will have a good variety to choose from when arranging your pages. You can also round up keepsakes from places you go and things you do to add to your pages. Most importantly, have some fun with your baby’s scrapbook! It will be something you and your child will value for many, many years.

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